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Where do we go from here?


Where do we go from here?

Where will we end up down the line?

Now that we can see the light of day


What does the future hold?

Have we learned our lessons well?

Now that we can see the path ahead


We must try to not make the same mistakes again

We must try to search for answers to our pain

We must learn the World is not ours to destroy

We must try to turn all our sorrows into joy


This is the first day

This is the first day

Of the rest of our lives


When I gaze across this place that we call home

I see the eyes look to the skies in wonder, faith and hope

We are all fragile in this great and wondrous place

We must remember what it cost to win this race


Gathered round the table, I see a glimpse of the past there to remind us

Of the power of greed and the will of Man


And the will of Man



People of the World


"People of the World

We have returned my ‘friends’

Our journey’s at an end

The World is on the mend

(Well done)

Grant us now permission to land

We are running low on food – I hope you understand!"


We never wanted you

We never needed you

All you did was take

Always on the make

You left our World to die

Betrayed your own with lies

We hope YOU understand

You have no right to land


We will not tolerate this insolence, you poor ingrates

We will cut you down to size

Send down the troops – it’s time to fight!


Lay down your arms – you cannot win this fight

Lay down your arms – you cannot win this fight


We give you a choice

Something you never gave us

Leave this World in peace

Or rot inside your prison walls


It’s time to choose

It’s time to choose

Time to choose …


"How dare they speak to me that way? – Pathetic fools!

I would rather die than give in to their rules

We will all stay here imprisoned in this cave

I for one will never surrender to their ways

 What are you all looking at?

You would question my word?

Put the knives down

I am the law



People of the World

Please accept our surrender

We will leave this place in peace

We accept your terms

We will leave this place in peace

(We never needed you here)

(We never wanted you)


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