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Rock/Prog artist Nick Daniel is due to release his new single ‘I Forget (There’s Something to Remember)’ on the 28th October 2022. The track will act as the lead single from his new dystopian space opera concept album ‘Elevate’ due for release on 4th November 2022. The album features a plethora of well-known artists including Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osborne, Gillan), Rob Bendelow (Saracen), Lips & Robb Reiner (Anvil), Carl Dixon (The Guess Who), Dave Hill (Demon), Veronica Freeman (Benedictum) plus many more.


The single ‘I Forget (There’s Something to Remember)' featuring Rob Bendelow and Barrie Jackson takes place 130 years after the “great collapse of society” in ‘Elevate’. The hero of the story ‘Storm Nader’ recalls that as a child he stumbled upon a Molecular Transport Gate in the ruins of the London Underground. After seeing the strange machine, he slips and bangs his head, leading to memory loss. Over the years Nader experiences flashbacks, knowing what happened was important but unable to remember what or why - hence the title of the song.


The track boasts anthemic keys with a solid reverberated drum foundation, rousing vocal harmonies and string-bending guitar solos throughout. The album ‘Elevate’ tells the tale of a dystopian world spanning hundreds of years into the future. Set behind the backdrop of an overpopulated, resource scarce Earth which is feeling the effects of a climate calamity making much of the world a baron wasteland and leading to anarchy and war. Throughout this the top ‘1%’ of the world have been secretly looking into the possibilities of terra-forming other planets along with hoarding what little resources the World has left. With the invention of the molecular transporter, capable of transporting humans and matter between portals, a base on the moon is set up along with numerous space stations to allow humans to live off-world. However, this privilege is reserved only for the wealthy few, eventually leading to them leaving Earth for good and taking their technology with them. What remains is a collapsed society on a dying planet fighting for survival. It is here where a hero arises, with the will and determination to save the World.

Nick Daniel - I Forget (There's Something to Remember) single edit

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