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Full of hope and armed with inspiration to restore the air that we breathe..


Set a course for distant lands

So that we may understand the reason for the seasons

Forging on through land and sea

There to solve this mystery that offers our salvation


A chance to prove I’m right

Onward through the night

On into the light I will go


A chance to save our World

By the prophecies of old

A chance to right the wrongs

That have haunted all our lives


It’s all contained in the numbers

It’s all explained in there somewhere

But there’s something I am missing

Something clear, but out of reach


I will stay the course, you’ll see

Feed this fire inside of me

I swear an oath unto you all

I will not stop until I fall



Still with hope and my determination, I know now that I will succeed


Hard times

Searching in vain for an answer

Searching the ruins for a lost clue

Only to find something missing

Over and over


When I knew I had the chance to save our World

I realised just what’s at stake

I had to make it work


When they said I might just be the only one

I made a plan to carry on

Until all hope was gone


I pushed the numbers to the back of my mind

27, 5, 49

I scanned the charts to decipher the key

52, 7, 53

I crossed the sea to another place

35, 4, 28

Ever closer to the answers I need

48, 2, 23


I will come through

I will come through

Like a dog with a bone, it is written in stone

Even though I’m alone

I will come through



Through the wind and the rain

Through the passion and pain

Through the caves of bones


With the strength of belief

Across mountains and seas

Ever closer I feel


I hear it calling out to me

The answer’s there for me to see

Just a little further now

Just a few more steps and I’m there

I stood the test of time, somehow

And now I stand before the door


Now I can see an answer to it all

The World is waiting for its call

The answer’s way up in the sky

High above our World it passes slowly by

And no one sees..


Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wondered what you were

Twinkle twinkle little star

Now I know just what you were

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