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A Cautionary Tale


Gather round the table

And I’ll tell you a story, forged from the old times

When the skies were grey and the earth was cold

A cautionary fable

(and) A glimpse of the past there to remind us

Of the power of greed and the will of man

And the will of man


In dark days of long ago

Man had to reap what he had sewn

Billions crying out for their fair share

No food, poisoned skies

The poor forced to watch their children die

As the rich created new society


With exhaustion of resources

The World descended into Civil war

(then) Genocide

And they cried

And they died

As our World, it crumbled and fell


Exit the wealthy, the rich and important

Pooled their resources, created an armada

Up into the depths of space they left to try and find their place

Enter the hero out of the flames

To save our World, to try again

To save our World, to try again

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